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My readings can be done face-to-face, by Skype, telephone or via email.

You will find here details of how you make payments for clairvoyant services or books you wish to purchase.

Before booking a reading with me, please read the following:

First and foremost I do not tell fortunes. Clairvoyant and mediumship work is about "seeing clearly", and acting as the go-between carrying messages from the spiritual realms to the sitter. Please contact me initially via [email protected] to arrange a suitable date and time.

People often have a sitting because they want to understand the energies of a soulmate connection. It is possible for me, at times, to tune into that energy and discover and talk about a past life connection.

Telephone readings take marginally longer to tune into, and I always ask the client to talk to me for, say, 30 seconds to tune into their voice.

NB: All my readings are pre-paid. If, after, say 5 minutes, I find I literally cannot get anything for the sitter, I will refund the money. However after that time, and even if the sitter doesn't like what I'm saying, and wishes to terminate the call or the reading, there is no refund. It takes time for spirit to come through and say what they have to say, and impatience on the part of the sitter is not conducive to a good reading.

If you are still interested to book a reading, please do so by following the Paypal links below. 

Also available to purchase via Paypal are my books, and, if you are based in Hertfordshire and wish to book an advert for "A Directory of Psychic Hertfordshire and its Complementary Therapists", then you can also book via Paypal. Make sure that you have read your booking form for the different prices available.

Please note also I am qualified to give past life regression


If you would like to make a voluntary contribution for your listing in "The Global New Age Directory" , you can do so here.  

Clairvoyant and/or soul mate reading - 30 minutes
Clairvoyant and/or soul mate reading - 45 minutes

Clairvoyant and/or soul mate reading - 1 hour
Astrology reading with birth charts - 30 minutes
Astrology reading with birth charts - 45 minutes
Astrology reading with birth charts - 1 hour
Email reading - one question
Email reading - two questions
Anxiety and Depression Hypnotherapy session - One hour

Past Life Regression hypnotherapy - One hour
Weight Management one-off session 90-minute Hypnotherapy session to help with weight management
Virtual Gastric Band Course A course of four 90-minute hypnotherapy sessions leading to the fitting of a virtual gastric band
Alcohol Cessation A one-hour session to help with the over consumption of alcohol
Smoking Cessation a one-off 90-minute hypnotherapy session to aid in giving up smoking
"The Twin Flame and other Soul Mate Connections by Debbie Nagioff - PDF version
Familiar Strangers - Soul Mates, Twin Flames and their Astrological Synastry by Debbie Nagioff - PDF version

Hypnotherapy for Writer's block

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Hypnotherapy for Stage Fright,

 Audition Nerves or Public Speaking Anxiety

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